The Power of Communities. Put to Work.

Bringing Orchard into the heart of cities. An effort to build bridges between the Farmer community and the Urban community. Because when the communities come together, anything is possible.

What we do

We create direct market access for our farmers. We work with all who can give bulk order or aggregated orders which the farmers can deliver directly without the need for middleman. It can be a corporate, a member of a housing society, or anyone else.

We connect the orchards

And the urban community

To deliver fresh from farm produce

To urban housing societies directly

1 society member coordinating effectively

Enables all members to buy collectively

Without the need for middlemen

Farmers get more money in hands

Adopt orchard for sustainable farming

Being closer to nature is heart warming

One orchard, one housing community

And one more, & one more, till infinity

  • Our Mission

    • Create direct market access for the produce of our farmers.
    • Build a bridge between the orchards and the urban communities.
    • Make available high quality premium farm products in the hands of consumers.

  • Our Stakeholders

    Our ecosystem is ably supported by all stakeholders.
    The farmers toil in their farms and orchards and ensure the supplies, fresh from farm. The volunteers from the housing societies coordinate internally among their members to pool their orders. Once the order is pooled the farmer can deliver directly.
    Corporates who regularly gift their customers & employees can add a lot of value to our ecosystem. We can provide a premium & healthy gifting idea for them, from the high altitude Kinnauri Orchards. Corporates must think about making the farmers a part of their gifting plan.

  • It Is Time to Scale Up

    If you are a corporate or a member of a housing society, come join us to bring the orchard into the heart of the cities. Your support can ensure the much-needed direct market access for the farmers.
    currently applies only to housing societies in Mumbai & suburbs, New Mumbai, & Thane, Kalyan & Dombivli.
    Corporates- all over India
    Come Join the Initiative

  • What Corporates Can Do

    Corporates gift in bulk which is ideal for farmers to deliver directly. Corporates get their gift directly from the eco-friendly Himalayan orchards. Literally, "Gift of Nature". Just keep the farmers in mind when you plan your gifts.

  • What Housing Societies Can Do

    As a volunteer from a housing society, you can share the info on a farmer’s product with your whole society. You can coordinate internally with the members and pool their orders which can then be directly delivered by the farmer as it is a bulk order now. You become the one-point contact between the society and farmers.
    Generally, you will have a society members WhatsApp group for this kind of activity where you can do all the communication & coordination.

  • That's It!

    Yup. In fact, many of you may already be doing this and more in different ways. Easy, right? Register with us and together we will create the much-needed market access for our farmers and help connect the housing society with the farming community.


    There are multiple ways you can support the initiative. The aim is to provide farmers direct market access for their fresh from farm produce & at the same time put a healthy, premium product in the hand of the users. Some of the ways are:

    1. Corporate gifting to customers & employees
    2. Incorporate as healthy desert/ snack in corporate canteens
    3. Housing Society buys collectively
    4. Bulk gifting in the apple season


We are a bunch of software professionals who got an opportunity to help our farmer friends from Himachal during lockdown. It was a challenge to get direct market access for the farmers, but it helped us to come out with the concept of aggregating the demand from housing society by pooling the orders of the individual society members. The initial response motivated us to continue our journey and here we are.
On the way we got support for the idea from the corporates as they gift in bulk which can be directly sourced from the farmers giving a boost to the initiative of direct market access for our farmers.

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  • Connect stakeholders: farmers and society members
  • Coordinate with technology, operations, and support to ensure smooth operations

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