So, you gift smart watches

Great, they can help track health parameters!
But how about supporting some healthy habits. So those health parameters always remain in the pink?
Because track & manage is better than just track. After all, better health is the end result which starts with a smart watch.

An apple a day can..

Is not just a saying. & now, you can gift your employees & customers some choicest apples from high altitude Kinnauri orchards. Gift them the health, literally. Not just health tracking.
Get choicest apples, fresh from farm, directly from the farmers. What better way to connect with the farmers & the nature? This can be as good a CSR as any. You are basically adopting an orchard, supporting sustainable farming, and a whole ecosystem of wildlife.
Kinnauri Apples are succulent, sweet, and juicy. Kinnauri apples are the most premium variety of apples grown in India.


  • Employee gifting
  • Customer gifting
  • Incorporate in canteens

Corporate Gifting Today

What comes to your mind when you think about gifting today? A gift should be something special, they should like it, it should be useful, it should be unique. Given current environmental consciousness you also wish your gift to be natural and eco-friendly, something which doesn’t affect our climate negatively. Also, increasingly corporates think about health & wellbeing of the recipients.

What can be a good gift?

Given all these criteria what could be a good gifting idea? Well, Kinnauri apple meets all your criteria. In fact, it goes beyond. When you order directly from farmers you give much needed market access to them. You get genuine farm fresh product & also the gratitude of the farmers. What may be a better gifting idea?

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If you are a corporate or a corporate gifting professional, you can now add a healthy option to your gifting ideas and at the same time provide direct market access to our farmers. Get in touch now.

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