Kinnauri Apple community is composed of stakeholders like farmers, corporates, housing society members, volunteers, and fruit sellers. This section features just some of them who helped us to maintain our positive outlook, during our initial phase, and to come so far. There are many more of them and we will keep featuring them.


Radha Krishan Negi

RK is a modern farmer. He graduated from Delhi University and worked as a Divisional Accountant in Nagpur. He left the stable government job, did B. Ed. from Delhi University, and served two years in department of education in Delhi.
Call of the mountains and he left his job again, this time to get even closer to his village. He joined as a teacher in a Himachal Govt. school, near his village Ribba. His wife is also a teacher, and they have two lovely school going kids.
He was instrumental behind this initiative. He has expertise in apple cultivation and helps other farmers in improving their yield. He has agreed to be one of our Advisory Committee members.


Ashwini Mane

When we first approached a housing society with the concept of aggregating demand of members through one of the society members to support the initiative of direct market access for farmers Ashwani was one of the first to volunteer.
She has a strong network, big presence on social media, and with her support we were able to get connected with 15 + buildings with potentially 1000 + society members! In no time. She helped us to spread the concept and gave us the confidence that the idea can be implemented. We are thankful to her for all that & for agreeing to be an advisory committee member.

Rashmi Kulkarni

Rashmi ma’am is the quite efficient administrator who silently gets things done and gives all the credit to her team members. She commands the love and respect of all. And why not, she has earned it after all.
We learned a lot about teamwork from her. Pandemic or not her SOPs are very efficient and at the same time can be followed with minimum intervention. You can count on her to make even a tough task extremely easy, just by motivating and involving everyone around her. We are lucky that she has accepted to be a part of our advisory committee.

Vyomesh Pathak

Vyomesh is a CA by profession. He was one of the first to respond to our communication and promised all help to our initiative. He not only arranged access for our farmer to his own housing society but shared the concept with many of his contacts in other societies and they all helped.
Vyomesh is also a professional Tarot Card reader and uses any proceeds from that exclusively for social service. Vyomesh has agreed to be a part of our advisory committee.

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